Simple CCcamGuard script for receivers running Enigma2.

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asked Aug 3, 2016 in CCCAM by voodoolights Guru (27,020 points)
retagged Aug 3, 2016 by voodoolights
Install Cron.
Create a guardscript in "/usr/script", eg. "" (chmod 755) with the following content:

    ps cax | grep CCcam2.3.0 > /dev/null

    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then

        echo "Process is running."
        echo "Process is not running."


        echo "Process started."


than create a root script in "/etc/cron/crontabs", eg. "root" (chmod 755) with the following content:

    * * * * * /usr/script/

and than run folowing commands:

    update-rc.d busybox-cron defaults
    /etc/init.d/busybox-cron start &

this way the "" script will run every minute.

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answered Aug 4, 2016 by mike69 Guru (15,980 points)
selected Aug 6, 2016 by voodoolights
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Please, can you explain what is it good for? Just to be sure that cccam is running?

Thank you in advance.
commented Aug 4, 2016 by voodoolights Guru (27,020 points)
When CCcam freezes the CCcam2.3.0 process will simply shut down and you have to restart it manualy.  This Script will do that automatically and you wont have to do nothing just wait a few seconds. The script is "looking" every minute if the CCcam2.3.0 process exists and if it doesnt it will simply start it.
commented Aug 4, 2016 by mike69 Guru (15,980 points)
Thank you very much for the info and for your script.
commented Aug 4, 2016 by voodoolights Guru (27,020 points)
Youre wellcome. I have been using the script for years now and it realy is helpful. Created it because i had some programs in hop 3 that i was watching and those always crashed my CCcam and the script solved my problem.
commented Aug 4, 2016 by mike69 Guru (15,980 points)
I had some problems with CCcam too but now I use OScam and it works great. CCcam is good and not difficult and for testing some new lines is probably the best. :) But I will save your script, it is very useful.
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answered Aug 6, 2016 by Sudansat Guru (17,750 points)
Oscam for Enigma2 decoders is the best option, it is never restarted and it can handle as many lines as you have without any issue.
One more feature in Oscam is Load Balancer which is distribute load requests between your lines, and this is perfect for server owners, and client as well, for example if you have 3 lines you can configure Oscam Load Balancer to use the fastest line in response, and Oscam itself will take care of identifying the fast line for each package.

The downside of Oscam is configuration, it is not that easy to configure, but if you configured it then it will be very easy because it has user interface.

Hopefully, later I can prepare some tutorials for Oscam.
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answered Aug 6, 2016 by mike69 Guru (15,980 points)

It would be great to have OScam category. And some confrigs or tutorials from you would be awesome. smiley I want to learn from you... wink I am using OScam for a longer time and never had problems with it.
CCcam is very simple and no config is necessary. It doesn´t even have to be restarted after adding new lines to cccam.cfg. In my opinion it´s the best for testing new lines. But sometimes I had little problems with stability or zapping (zapping was a bit slower). And it doesn´t open Bulcrypt (Bulsat package on 39 E). In that case MGcamd can be used. Or OScam, it opens everything.

commented Aug 6, 2016 by Sudansat Guru (17,750 points)
Issues with any line is shared between the server software and client emulator, for example in MultiCs Servers, CCCAM is better, CSP Mgcamd is better and so on.

But Mgcamd is the fastest emulator in Zapping especially if you are connecting to CSP Server.
commented Aug 6, 2016 by mike69 Guru (15,980 points)
Thank you for your answer. As I said, we need some specialcam category to learn from you... :)
I agree that Mgcamd is the fastest but in some cases (as you described above) it was slower in zapping than OScam or CCcam. Is that true that Mgcamd doesn´t need to connect to server so often as CCcam? After disconnecting internet Mgcamd could provide picture for a longer time than CCcam or OScam.
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answered Aug 12, 2016 by benz Active Member (3,580 points)
Thanks for the script. Works great !
commented Aug 12, 2016 by voodoolights Guru (27,020 points)
Thank you for the answer.
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answered Aug 30, 2016 by MoonCoW (2,600 points)
Bun scriptul! Il folosesc si eu.
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answered Sep 30, 2016 by joseele Wizard (636,450 points)
Gracias por el script.
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answered Sep 30, 2016 by carruchas Guru (20,300 points)
Buen aporte, gracias.
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