Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 7 HCOMDT51WW001 Replica Watch

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Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 8 watch

Just when we bet that Harry Winston replica Watches may not be able to surpass the incredible Histoire de Tourbillon 7 released last year, the famous jeweler has just announced Histoire de Tourbillon 8 – this is the tourbillon in progress The latest models in the watch series have a high degree of complexity. Each time a new function is added, the unconventional design seems to grow exponentially.

However, although every new entry somehow managed to raise the bet, HDT 8 seems to have recycled the predecessor's dual-axis tourbillon complication, while now offering a new time display with time-hopping and minute hands, among others Some aesthetic adjustments. Compared to what we have seen before, this is not a major update to the HDT series, but it is still impressive for the same reason.

Now, before we dive into the internal functions of Histoire de Tourbillon 8, it is worth pointing out that, in the eyes of many people, Harry Winston may be associated with jewelry rather than ultra-high-end watchmaking. To be fair, this person (discount replica watch) has historically spent more time as the jeweler of choice for the Hollywood elite, and the former or current owner of some of the world's most famous gems.

The latter includes a 726-carat uncut rough diamond called "Jonker" in the mid-1930s, followed by the 1949 Hope Diamond, and most recently the flawless 101.73-carat Winston Leo. During this period, Winston began selling watches in the late 1980s, but it was not until 2007 that the brand opened its own manufacturing plant in Geneva that things really became complicated.

Speaking of fools, Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 not only makes people shine when you bring a dual-axis dual tourbillon. Now, as mentioned earlier, this is the same as the punctuation of the previous HDT entry, but it is back. Instead of the traditional two-hand time display at the 3:00 side of the dial, we have a pair of rotating dials-1:00 is the hour, and 4:00 is the minute, every time and minute "beat" click.Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa

But the real story here, like HDT 7, is a double tourbillon. Admittedly, there has been little change since we last saw them-but the execution is still tortuous and worth a look, especially when juxtaposed with a less traditional timing display device-this aesthetic seems more suitable The atmosphere of the whole nü-industrial watch. On the left side of the time display, the tourbillon-each tourbillon has completed a 30-degree tilt axis rotation. Between the two rotational movements, the second cage rotates on its own axis and completes the rotation every 45 seconds. In the latter, the balance wheel maintains a stable speed of 21,600vph, which is maintained for approximately 55 hours in the entire power reserve of the watch (indicated by a 6:00 cone).

The entire concept of the tourbillon itself is to actively subject the balance to various possible movement positions to minimize the influence of gravity on the balance. By placing the tourbillon on the second axis, and then doubling the complex function itself, the balance wheel is placed in a multiple number of positions, resulting in theoretically higher timing performance.

What makes the wizards of Harry Winston's historic Tourbillon 8 so interesting is not only that we have two independently-operated tourbillons, each of which operates on two axes, and its mechanical operation can be measured at once. In order to ensure the accuracy of a single measurement, HDT 8 uses a spherical differential, which maintains the average value between the two-the average value is displayed in the form of time on the right side of the dial.

The HDT 8's case itself is made of white gold, the rotating hour dial is made of aluminum, and the tourbillon frame and movement bridge are made of titanium. From the size point of view, the case size of Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8 starts from HDT 7 and is not small: 51 mm x 17 mm. But remember, the caliber HW4503 that houses the double tourbillon (each tourbillon contains only 117 components) is itself 43 mm. Big? Yes, but there are at least enough reasons to look here, even if it is far from readability. In addition to the tourbillon dancing in a matter of hours, the dial itself is also a compelling attraction – consisting of a single component and 13 different texture elements. Each of these textures is performed by different finishing techniques-starting with matte, grainy and satin textures,Corum Ti-Bridge replica Watches

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